Dice Tower

$24.90 $34.90

Tired of chasing dice all over the floor? Kids always argue about what a fair dice throw looks like? Worry no more!

We've hand crafted our own rustic dice tower from locally produced Blackbutt wood. Its sturdy construction should make it last a lifetime. The die are bounced in three different directions to make sure that every throw is truly random. We've tested it with ten 16mm dice at once and it doesn't even look like jamming up. Plus, the kids love the solid 'clack clack' sound of the dice tumbling through it.

The dice tower is built with two separate pieces that can be fitted together in either an open position (for play) or a closed position (for transport). Unlike most slotted together dice towers, this one can be chucked into your bag without fear of it getting crushed.

It's also sturdy enough for camping trips. So that family time doesn't become 'searching for dice' time. Every throw will be fair... and most importantly, contained where everyone can see it.

Product Information: This is a fully Australian made and sourced product. Please note that this is a hand made product from natural wood. There will always be inherent disparities in wood grain, colour and texture. Wood is a natural product that responds to temperature and humidity variations by expanding and contracting. Sometimes these variations may be noticeable in the physical appearance of the product but should not affect the function of the product. At the moment, we are using locally sourced Blackbutt timber. Blackbutt is a light coloured timber with dark knots and often a black fleck through the grain. These dark marks are considered desirable elements of the wood grain and not defects.

*Dice not included.