ThinkFun – Rush Hour Deluxe Edition Game


ThinkFun – Rush Hour Deluxe Edition Game

Take Gridlock to the Next Level!

Voted TD Monthly Magazine Top -10 Most Wanted Puzzles – 2011

This deluxe version of our award-winning game is the perfect gift for the Rush Hour fanatic! Set up your game board according to the challenge card, then steer your snazzy metallic red car through traffic and out of the exit. With 60 challenges and five levels of play, this is the ideal gift for any serious puzzler!

Features: Game Grid, 60 Challenge Cards from Beginner to Grand Master, 15 Metallic Cars and Trucks, 1 Red Escape Car. Type: Logic Games Skill: Logic and Problem Solving

Players: 1 Player

Age: 8 and Up

*Regular Rush Hour has 40 challenges whilst the deluxe edition has 60.