About Us

Roll with the family at Sir Square Toes, the Gold Coast's premium family based gaming store.


Some families love complex games, others want simple play with maximum laughs. Whatever your preference, we love helping customers find their family's next 'Good Time Go To' game. Because getting the family together; Talking, laughing and playing is our number 1 priority. Whether it be around the table or around the campfire, we've got something to help 'ditch the digital' and bring you all together.


But if you crave something a little deeper, such as an educational title or more involved game play, then we love that too. If we don't have it in stock, we'll make every attempt to get it for you.


We've also got playroom tables for hire at a set rate for the entire table. Book ahead if you want us to open at a special time that suits your friends & family. Squeeze in as many people as you can fit. Tea and Coffee is available. You are welcome to bring your own games or select from our well stocked playroom game shelf.


We are great believers in ethics in business. All of our product is sourced through Australian distributors because Australian jobs matter. We endeavour to do fair, even pricing all year round. All of the product featured in the web store is here in the Coolangatta warehouse shop. We do not drop ship or sell items that we don't physically have.


As for our name, it's from Rudyard Kipling's poem 'If' which was published in a collection called 'Brother Square Toes'. In Kipling's time, square toes was a name for someone who was old fashioned. In today's rat race world, a few old fashioned sensibilities might be just what your family needs: Good service, good value, good products and good family communication are the goals we strive for.