Catan Social Tournament

The friendly CATAN social tournament will be held one Sunday afternoon each month.

Our next social tournament is Sunday, 29th May, 1pm - 4pm.

The Address is 6/12 Simpson Street, Coolangatta. This address is actually in the Kirra Beach part of Coolangatta. Drive down past Coolangatta State School, Simpson Street is off Karina Ave.

(First game starts strictly at 1pm. Please allow time for registration and seating.)

For this tournament; we have finally got hold of a small prize! The winner of the day will receive a copy of the CATAN scenario 'Frenemies'. This scenario can be added to any CATAN game (even the family edition) and it rewards players who help out others. Need a road but have no brick? Offer someone some help. If they accept, you get a token that will give you something (i.e. a free road).

Tournament fees will be $8 per person.

Use the form on the right to register for the event. Give us your name, email and phone number. In the message box, specify that you are interested in CATAN and let us know if you are bringing along any friends (please list their names). Numbers are limited to 24 players (6 tables) so get in quick.

A normal CATAN Championship tournament includes 3 heats and a finals round but for the social tournaments, we will play 2 rounds so that there will still be plenty of time to enjoy your Sunday.

Scoring will be done as per the official tournament rules: Tournament Rules

The first map will be from the 2018 World Championship.

The second map will be from the 2019 European Championship Final:

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