Magic The Gathering Game Group

Can you feel the power of Magic?

Magic The Gathering

Join up to our Magic The Gathering Game Group and be invited to our Magic evenings.

As soon as the mask mandate ends, we're looking to start up a Monday night session. Start time is 6pm. You can choose your level of play.


Draft matches are $30 and include 3 draft booster packs and a chance for a prize.
Commander / Casual evenings are $11 and include 1 draft booster pack.
Free play without any card purchase is $5.

Special Deal!

Grab a Zendikar Rising or Strixhaven Collector Booster pack at the low price of $29 (RRP$39.95). Available at this price only for players during the play session.

Fill out the form on the right with your name, email and phone number. In the message section, specify Magic the Gathering and list any friends you are going to bring.
Magic: The Gathering
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