Doing Things Cats Prank Puzzle 300 pieces


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Send your friends or enemies this hilarious Playful Pile of Kittens Prank Puzzle. The box makes you think you're about to do a puzzle of these cute, little kittens. Well think again! You'll have to enjoy cleaning up this dirty litter box for the next 300 Pieces.

HILARIOUS GAG GIFT: Send your friends or enemies this funny 300 Piece Prank Puzzle. It looks like a bunch of cute kittens until you open the box. Enjoy the surprise!

PRANK YOUR FAMILY & FRIENDS: This is the ultiamte gag gift that will guarentee make the recipient laugh! Get ready to see their reaction to this hilarious prank puzzle.

REMOVE THE SHRINK WRAP BEFORE GIFTING: Before you gift this puzzle to family or friends, make sure to rewmove the shrink wrap so they think they're getting a puzzle of the front of box.

PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION: This is puzzle is perfect for a Christmas gag gift, yankee gift swap or santa gift exchange. Funny puzzle for adults or teens.