Sparkle Kitty Nights

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In our family, Sparkle Kitty is a favourite. Having to say the ridiculously candy-cute spell words out loud (don't make a mistake) each time you play is a hoot for everyone. But wait there's more! In Sparkle Kitty Nights, you get the same ridiculous spell casting game play with a lot more innuendo laden words. Play well and tear down your tower, slip up on saying a spell properly and your tower gets taller. If you see someone about to win, add to their tower. It's easy to learn and an absolute blast!

You don't need to be a princess in Sparkle Kitty Nights. Play as secretly naughty or nice knights who become trapped in Sparkle Kitty’s terrible towers. Combine the appropriate cards to cast inappropriate spells into the magical keyhole to free your entire team and win... but who can you trust? The Safe Words Pack adds new words and rules for a player to become a secret Vampire or Werewolf.

You can even mix the cards together with the original Sparkle Kitty cards for even more hilarious game play.

There are some word combinations you might not want kids to repeat at school, so while it is harmlessly euphemistic, parents with small children in the house might want to exercise judgement in this case.

Players: 4-8

Play Time: 20-30mins

Age: 17+

Note: We are hoping to have the original Sparkle Kitty game back in stock by Christmas. Let's hope those merchant sailors keep up the pace. Row hard chaps!