Cracked Card Game


In Cracked, players race to be the first one to have the four cards that matches the unique code card.

To play, players take turns playing one or more cards from their hand in order to match the color or number value on the central card. If the central card is a green 6, then you could play a green card, a 6 card, or two cards equaling 6. Action cards spice things up a notch, as they can swap hands, force a player to miss a turn, and more. Collect the numbers required by your code card—and discard anything that doesn’t match—and you win!

Cracked is a fast and furious card game alternative to the all time classic Mastermind. Filled with innovative game mechanics, it will keep guests entertained and it's also a great family game.

Players: 2-8

Play Time: 5-15 mins

Age: 8+