Saboteur The Duel


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Do unto others...!
In Saboteur The Duel, both dwarves have to choose: Will they build their tunnel together or will they try on their own?
In either case, you will have to try to sabotage your opponent at the right time.
Play a broken pickaxe, a rock slide in the tunnel, or a locked door - the cleverer dwarf will gain the crucial advantage and gain the gold.
The player who has collected the most gold nuggets after three rounds wins.
This two player version of the classic card game is sure to please fans of the original, as well as those seeking a quick, humorous two player duel.
And if you can’t get your hands on a second dwarf, you can always try your luck at the solo game.
Will you be able to build an efficient tunnel and avoid all obstacles?

36 path cards
18 action cards
18 goal cards
2 dwarf cards
8 dwarf counters
2 keys
2 dwarves with bases
1 rulebook

Players: 1-2

Play Time: 30mins

Age: 8+