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Work as a team to move dinosaur figures and help save the dinosaurs from flowing lava! 

During the game, you take a tile from a bag, place it on the board and carry out the action printed on the tile. The aim is to move each dino to safety on the top of the mountains while gathering their eggs scattered throughout the land.


  • Cooperative Game
  • Tile Placement


• 4 Dinosaur figurines

• 1 Game board

• 4 Volcanoes

• 4 Mountains

• 9 Obstacles

• 58 Danger tiles

• 6 Dino egg tokens

• 1 Big fabric bag

• 1 Rulebook


  • Kids learn cooperation
  • Teach logic by learning how to anticipate other player's moves
  • Family friendly game with beautiful components

Players: 1-4

Play Time: 25mins

Age: 7+

2018 Kinderspiel des Jahres Recommended