Trekking Through History


Time travel to some of the greatest moments in human history. 

~Including the solo mode AND the mini expansion (Time Warps)~

Trekking through History is a fun game for everyone, with a little subtlety under the hood to make the game delightful and engaging.

In the game, you go on a three-day tour of human history, traveling thousands of years in a time machine to experience great moments from our past.

The game takes place over three rounds, each representing one day of your trip. Each day, you visit a series of historical events, spending a different number of hours at each.

On each turn, you choose to visit one historical event, and spend a certain number of hours doing it. Doing so will yield benefits, like checking off items on your itinerary for points, and earning Time Crystals so you can bend the space-time continuum on future turns.

Along the way, you’ll also score points for visiting historical events in chronological order.

The player with the most points after three rounds wins.


  • 2023 Mensa Select Winner
  • 2022 Golden Geek Light Game of the Year Nominee

Players: 1-4

Play Time: 30-60mins

Age: 10+